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Create Your Next Profitable Offer

Create Your Next Profitable Offer


You’ve got your business up and running (or are pretty close)...but have no idea how to turn the zillions of ideas floating around your brain into money in the bank.

This course is going to teach you how to take your idea and put it into an executable plan. A plan that is going to set you up to turn that idea into a profitable stream of revenue for your business.

Here’s what we will cover ...

  • How to decide if an idea is something you should act on
  • Determining whether your ideas are in line with your long-term vision
  • How to do the critical research needed to determine if the idea will sell
  • What paths you should take to sell your course
  • Identify WHO the audience is and what PROBLEM it solves for them.
  • Creating an action plan to move that idea from your brain to real life the end of the free course, you will know exactly what to pursue, how to pursue it, and whether or not it will actually make money!

What's included in this course?

  • Video modules to walk you step-by-step through my proven process
  • Worksheets to help you as you work through the steps.
  • BONUS video and worksheet with "next steps" for implementation.
  • Daily emails with additional prompts for completion.
  • 20 minute follow up call to go through your worksheets + implementation plan! ←- this is where the magic happens!

So..ready to turn all of those thoughts and ideas into profits? Sign up below!

7 Modules


Welcome and congrats on taking the first step to getting all of those amazing ideas out of your head and ready to create that next amazing offer!

What is Your Goal/Idea?

Module 1 is all about identifying your ideas/goals.  The focus is to get everything out of your head and think BIG PICTURE!

How will you monetize this idea?

In this module, you will focus on all the POSSIBLE ways you could monetize the idea.

Define Your Potential Client

Module 3 is all about your ideal client!!  Who they are, what they like...

What Problem Does It Solve? What Value Does It Provide?

This module is all about the problems you are solving for people and the value this brings to them.

How will you deliver or sell this offer?

Module 5 speaks to all the ways you could potentially deliver or sell this product.  How will you put this offer out to the world?  

Bonus - Create Your Roadmap for Implementation

It's time to create the roadmap for implementation!  You have all the details worked out and now it is time to get crystal clear on EXACTLY the offer you have created!

Modules for this product 7
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