Daily Activity System for Consistency and Time Management

 I get it. 

You want more. 

More out of life. More out of your business. And more money in your bank account.

BUT the problem is you're stuck. Your planner keeps filling up with to-do lists, you spend hours on social media and you're glued to your computer ALL DAY LONG. 

And yet, after spending hours of your time creating amazing content and offers

…you hear crickets. 

You're spinning your wheels, you're frustrated, and you just aren't seeing the results you are desiring.

Quite honestly, I get it. I've been there. 

This can make you start questioning if your business will ever truly be successful and have you ready to throw in the towel.

So listen, building your business, attracting your dream clients, and having more financial freedom shouldn’t be so hard.

We have been told that in order to be successful we have to put in more hours, create more content, build our social media following, and just do MORE.


Burning the candle at both ends, feeling guilty about not seeing your family and struggling to find the balance between your business and your family isn't the answer.

You shouldn't have to make that choice of where you spend your time. You should have time to do both. And you can.

What if I told you that with this Daily Activity System, you will discover that in just 30 minutes a day, you CAN and WILL build your business, grow your customer list, and completely rewrite the way you do business. 

  • You will be more organized.
  • Increase your revenue effortlessly.
  • Build a full pipeline of prospects and referrals (no more scouring Facebook posts and groups for new leads).
  • Create more authority and visibility so you are SEEN and HEARD as the expert you are.
  • Create lasting connections with clients that creates loyalty and long term business NOT just one and done, leaving you yet again looking for your next client.
  • Learn how to create a full content calendar (without the headache).

Imagine how it will feel to know you are working smarter, not harder.  The time is NOW, if you are serious about growing your business, increasing your revenues and having more time and financial freedom, you will get started RIGHT NOW! 

I'm Ready for MORE

Now, you are probably already thinking that you really don't have time for ONE MORE THING to put on your plate.

You don't need one more program that requires hours of your time. One more commitment. One more thing on your to-do list.

I GET IT!!  All I am asking for is 30 minutes of your time every day and maybe a couple hours to get through the training.  That's it.  

By taking this next step you are building a business that works for you. We are talking about word of mouth referrals, repeat clients, and being an authority in your space. Just imagine knowing that you ARE on the top of your clients mind when it comes to your area of expertise, product, or service.

Imagine knowing that when people hear their friends or colleagues mention a pain point that YOU can solve, they can’t wait to make the introduction. YOU are top of mind and the FIRST person they think of.  Imagine how that would feel to know you have an army of people on the ground.  This program will teach you HOW to create those relationships.

All of the above results in more time and financial freedom, more in your bank, and more satisfaction from your business. 

So, tell me are you ready for more?

Let's be clear here....This program absolutely will get you all of those results but here is what this program isn't.

  • This is not a get rich quick scheme. This is a system to help you grow your business long-term. It also requires you put the work in and most importantly implement what you learn. 
  • No fluff, just framework. You will learn the power of relationship marketing to build an authentic business and lasting relationships with your clients. 
  • This is not your Uncle Bob’s sales techniques! You will NOT be spamming your entire list of contacts with your new business service or product. You WILL be building true connections and lasting success. 

This system includes will get: 

  • 6 Individual Modules all including both Video and PDF's to walk you through EACH step of the system
    • The videos will walk walk you through HOW to implement each step of the daily activities as well as how to adapt them to you and your business. 
    • The PDF's give you ideas, resources, and scripts that help you to know EXACTLY how to reach out without feeling spammy and salesy. 

Your investment is only $47!  

In addition to the Daily Activity System and Training you will also receive the following bonuses! 

Bonuses: Lifetime access to:

1.  Creating your monthly content bank in 30 Min or less ($97 Value)

Tired of spending hours and hours of your time creating content? What if I told you that in just 30 minutes you could create a month's worth of content? You see, content is an incredible way to connect with your community, build your brand authority, expertise and build your business- but it shouldn't take up all of your time. If you create content, you need this course.  

2. Creating the Personality BEHIND the Brand Training. ($97 Value)

You are more than just your business. You are a person and people connect with PEOPLE.  This module will show you how to create that unique personality behind your brand that will have your dream client flocking to you. 

3. FREE 30 Minute (well, let's be honest, more like 60 minute) 1:1 Strategy session with me. ($250 Value)

I will learn more about your business and help you to customize and adapt this system to work for YOU and YOUR business.  

And by saying yes to more, you’re saying no to burn out, analysis paralysis, and a stressful business.

So, tell me, are you ready for MORE?

8 Modules

What is the 30 Minutes to More System?

This module defines and gives you a broad overview of what the 30 Minutes to More System, how to implement it and how all 3 activities must work together to give you the best results. 

Activity 1 - (3) New Connections Daily

This module walks you through how you can authentically make 3 new connections daily to create personal relationships for growth. 

Activity 2 - (2) Follow Ups Daily

Follow up is often the hardest of the three activities for most entrepreneurs. 

This module will walk you through how to follow up effectively without feeling pushy or salesy.

Activity 3 - (1) Visibility Action Daily

Visibility can vary in many ways across many different platforms.  This module dives deep into how to use various visibility strategies to amplify your connection and follow up activities. 

Schedule Your Day 30 Minutes at a Time

This system teaches you how to schedule your day into 30 minute increments and prioritize your activities to increase productivity and create an easy to follow daily schedule that incorporates every aspect of your day. 

Record Your Progress

One of the most important aspects of this system is to record and track your progress.  

This module includes several different variations for tracking your daily activity.  Tracking your progress is crucial to the system bringing results and creating growth in your business.  

BONUS - Schedule Your 1:1 Call

Let's strategize and discuss how to custom adapt this program to YOU and YOUR business! 

Click inside this module to schedule your 1:1 strategy call! 

Become a Brand Ambassador!!

If you are embracing and loving the 30 Minutes to More Program and Lifestyle, then I would LOVE to invite you to become a Brand Ambassador! 

Modules for this product 8
I'm Ready for MORE

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