Secret Small Doses VIP Training

So, what's the secret? 

Secret Small Doses will deliver direct to your inbox every other Thursday with a short mini training (less than 15 min) that you can take immediate action from to grow your business. 

You will have lifetime access to ALL of the training

Past Training include topics such as...

➡️ Yout Ticket to 10K Months

➡️ Breaking down your ideas 

➡️ Not having a next step for your clients

➡️ Staying in touch with your past audiences

12 Modules

Your Ticket to 10K Months

Are you trying to scale your business to 10k?

Do you know HOW exactly to get there?

10K Months can be achieved in many different ways depending on your products, services, time and resources.

Check out this preview to get a sneak peek of the full training! 

Episode 3 - Are you leaving Money on the Table?

Episode 4 - Disregarding Your Current/Past Audience

Episode 7 - Roadmap to Fully Booked

💵What do you need to do to be FULLY BOOKED?

💵How do you get there?

💵How long will it take you?

Modules for this product 12

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