People are the center of your business.

Without people, you can’t build relationships. And relationships are what grow your business.

Networking doesn't have to be overly complicated. A simple coffee chat goes a long way.

The #100coffeeChats hashtag was created in 2022 when I challenged myself, and my network, to have 100 coffee chats that year and to use the hashtag to introduce their networks to the people they had chatted with.  The more introductions others madethe more chats we could haveand the more our networks grew.  

I realized that the biggest challenge with getting in the 100 coffee chats was FINDING the people to connect and chat with (all you introverts it’s only 2-3 chats per week, you can do it!) 

So in 2023, the #100CoffeeChatsClub was born.  

The #100CoffeeChatsClub will give you that small community feel while also connecting you with a wide-open network.  You will have the opportunity to build true relationships and actually NETWORK THE RIGHT WAY…not just show up on a screen and drop your info in the zoom comments only to be added to a million email lists you never signed up for.  

Nope, that’s not the type of networking we are doing here.

Our weekly meetings are structured to help you:

    • Share about your ideal clients and learn about who an ideal client would be for the other members
    • Develop, receive, and make powerful strategic introductions for collaboration and referral partners
    • Develop personal relationships with the other members BEYOND business (yes we are humans and have lives beyond our businesses) 
    • Build your authority as an expert with the other members and share your knowledge with Expert Authority Spotlights

    Each week we will have a different style of networking so you get to have deeper conversations with different people and to be honest - to keep things exciting and not boring.  We have all been to those networking events that are the same things week after week and it gets BORING AF. 

    No boredom happening here at the #100CoffeeChatsClub. 

    Each week will be different and will be some combination of the 4 styles and 4 topics and you won't know until the meeting what that mix is for the week!  This is intentional to keep it different and fun and not the same ol boring meeting week after week. 

    Meeting Styles:

    • Speed Networking - Fast-paced networking like speed dating.  Be ready to take notes! 
    • 4 on 4 breakout rooms - Spend time in a separate room diving into deeper conversations with you and 3 other members.  
    • Expert Authority  - This is your opportunity to share your knowledge and let us know WHY you are THE expert.  (Spotlights are available as an upgrade.)
    • Around the room - This is probably what you are most used to seeing - your 30-second intro but each meeting we will be changing up the information being shared!

    Meeting Topics: 

    • Strategic Referral Partners - Learn who each members' power partners, collaborators and strategic partners are.
    • Ideal Client - Learn in detail what makes an ideal client for each member.  This goes beyond the basic demographics.
    • Business/Promotion - Share more about how you help and how people can work with you. 
    • Personal - People do business with people.  Let's get to know the person behind the brand!

    Each week, Michelle will also start the meeting with a quick teaching moment to help you take your networking and relationship marketing efforts to the next level.

    The #100CoffeeChatsClub also includes an exclusive FB Community where you can deepen your relationships, build even more authority that solidifies you as an expert in your industry,  and continue networking. You will also have access to coffee chat trackers, training, and additional resources to make the most of your time in the Club. 

    The #100CoffeeChatsClub meets virtually on Zoom at 12 pm EST every Wednesday! 

    Join The #100CoffeeChatsClub for $59 a month today and start building the type of relationships you need to make your business fun and profitable.

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