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You have a TON OF IDEAS for your business and entrepreneurial dreams, but right now they are just that.

They are just IDEAS that are keeping you up at night.

You need a structure and strategy to turn them into your reality.

Let’s face it - when you decide you are ready to elevate and scale your business, you want to take immediate action.  

I get it!  I've been there.  I have spent HOURS upon HOURS downloading every freebie, watching every video, and still spinning my wheels and questioning "How do I do this?".  You can talk until you are blue in the face to your friends and family, but they look at you with eyes glazed over before telling you that you're crazy.  

What you need is someone to LISTEN.  To actually hear you.  To help you organize all of those NOT SO CRAZY thoughts. To validate your ideas and give you the permission to take that bold, scary action. 

That’s where my VIP Experiences come into play.


This 2-hour intensive is deep dive into your current offers to increase profitability through my Profitable Offer Audit. 

We will take a look at your offers and figure out how you can make them more profitable and where you are leaving money on the table. We will explore small tweaks that you can make to your marketing to attract more dream clients and scale your time. This session is also a perfect fit if you need help developing a strategic action plan for the next quarter.  Rise sessions include 5 days of Rapid Fire Unlimited Coaching post intensive support.

Investment: $850

The full-day Elevate Experience is truly for those looking to move out of the "growth" stage into the "scale" stage.

If you want to scale, it's time to elevate your entire offer suite, business strategy, and marketing strategy. This is a deep dive, full-day immersive experience where we will uplevel your packaging, pricing, and positioning in the market to increase your profits, scale your time, and elevate your client experience. If you've outgrown your offers, this 1:1 experience is for you.  Includes 10 days of Rapid Fire Unlimited Coaching post VIP support. 

Investment: $3000

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