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Creating an Offer to Attract your DREAM Clients

1 Lessons

What is the difference between a DREAM client and a client that happened to find you? 

The answer to that is buried within YOU and that's exactly what is covered here. 

This will help you to create an offer that's in alignment with YOU. One that you feel good about and one that makes you just light you up inside.  This is about creating an offer that really excels your passion and in turn attracts your DREAM

5 Steps to Create Your Strategic Plan

1 Lessons

Do those two words completely overwhelm you?  Strategic and Plan?  

Don't let them!  Having a Strategic Plan in your business will help to take AWAY the overwhelm, not add to it! Strategic planning focuses on the overall direction and vision for your company. It allows you to define WHAT and WHY you are doing what you are doing. 

Before You Commit

1 Lessons

Are you someone who tends to say YES to everything and then find yourself over committed?

If that's you - this worksheet is for YOU.  Before you commit, use this simple worksheet and ask yourself the few questions to see if it is a commitment that is in the best interest of you and your business. 

I promise - it's ok to say NO to some things!  

10 Tips to HOW to Time Block

1 Lessons

Time Blocking can be an extremely effective way to be more productive - when you do it correctly. 

You do not have to time block your entire life and your entire day.  This ADDS stress and overwhelm.  

This eBook will give you tips and tricks on HOW to effectively use Time Blocking in your daily routine. 

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