Biz Planning for MORE in 2020


Do you feel like 2020 could be your game-changing year but you feel completely OVERWHELMED with the next steps?

Are you done flying by the seat of your pants every day wondering "what should I be working on?

Are you tired of feeling sooooo busy everyday yet you still aren't seeing the growth you had hoped for? 

Imagine what it would be like to go into 2020 knowing EXACTLY what you need to be working on and when.

Imagine what it would be like to have a plan in place that was set up to bring you MORE revenue, MORE clients, MORE growth and MORE clarity for the year ahead?

The 5 Day Biz Planning Intensive will begin on December 9th but the FB Group is open NOW so YOU can start getting everything ready in advance of the program.  I will be group getting you ready to DIVE DEEP on the 9th. 

Starting on the 9th, everyday we will cover a different aspect of your business.
Day 1: Reflect on 2019 and analyze what worked and what didn't.
Day 2: 2020 Yearly Overview - Think big picture. Get dates on the calendar to start working backward
Day 3: Quarterly Planning - Break up your year into quarters so you can plan ahead for each one and the important dates/launches that fall in them.
Day 4: Monthly Breakdown - Time to start planning details.
Day 5: Weekly Action Planning tips and tricks so you can go into each week stress free knowing EXACTLY what you are working on.

I want to start PLANNING for MORE!

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Day 1: 2019 Overview
Day 2: Yearly Overview
Day 3: Quarterly Planning
Day 4: Monthly Breakdown
Day 5: Weekly Action Planning
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