Monthly Money Metrics!

Are you tracking your Monthly Money Metrics?

If not - YOU ABSOLUTELY SHOULD BE and it should be a non negotiable

Taking 30-60 minutes to EVALUATE where you spent your time, energy and resources during the previous month allows you to see what is working, what isn't, where your efforts need to be moved etc.

This spreadsheet will walk you through the core activities and areas of your business you need to be evaluating every single month to keep you PROACTIVELY moving forward! 

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Monthly Debrief

Performing a Monthly Debrief in your business allows you to get a CLEAR and accurate picture of exactly where your business is at month after month. 

By taking a few minutes to track, evaluate and reflect on your previous month's activities, you can easily see if you are on track to hit your goals, know exactly where your efforts are benefiting your company and quickly make proactive changes if need be.  

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