Proven DM Templates: Turn Connections Into Cash

Turn Connections Into Collaborations and Clients

DM Scripts that Prompt REAL Conversations

Give Me Those Spam-Free Templates

You don’t want to bother anyone.

You think it’s better to leave your connections alone than risk the awkwardness of an “offline” conversation.

Besides, the only people sending DMs are spammy a**holes looking for a quick win with sleazy copy-and-paste pitches. Right?

I’ve got news for you...

A lot of really successful entrepreneurs are leveraging the power of the DMs. Your competition is probably among them. 

It’s not because they’re smarter or more charming than you. But they’ve mastered the ability to create a personal connection outside of the comment section.

All it takes is the right prompts to start real conversations with your connections. 

Conversations that lead to collaborations and clients. 

The DM Script Templates give you:

  • Dozens of proven formulas for initial messages to start the conversation with new connections. 

  • Follow-up templates that create opportunities with people you connected to long ago and never actually interacted with.

  • Samples you can easily adapt to your own language and brand voice so they don’t sound cookie cutter or “copy-and-paste.”

  • Tips for increasing your response rate because you’re a real human and your connections will know it.

WARNING: This is for AUTHENTIC people only! You have to be prepared to genuinely show interest in your connections. Without any ulterior motives. Networking the right way creates amazing opportunities but you won’t build those relationships if you go in with loaded expectations.

Leave the spammy sales pitch to people who deserve to be blocked for that bad behavior!

I’m Michelle, and forming meaningful connections is one of my love languages. Yes, I’m an extrovert, but you don’t have to be in order to leverage the power of the DMs.

With a little guidance for what to say and how to say it, you can build genuine relationships and have your social connections eager to chat about your services.

STOP overthinking and START the conversation.

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Give Me Those Spam-Free Templates!

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