Rapid Fire Unlimited Coaching

Unlimited means UNLIMITED! 

Imagine what it would be like to never feel stuck in your biz again?  To know that you had someone you could reach out to whenever you find yourself wondering "what should I do next?" or "How should I handle this situation?" 

We've all been there.  Overthinking and overanalyzing our every thought and decision and playing the never ending "what if" game. 

Trying to build your business alone sucks.  Plain and simple.  It just sucks. 

But it doesn't have to be that way and that’s exactly what the Rapid Fire Unlimited Coaching Program is all about. 

Fast, quick answers to keep you moving, avoiding analysis paralysis and feeling CONFIDENT in the growth of your business. 

You will always have me in your back pocket - ready and waiting to answer all your questions, concerns and issues that may come up in the day to day of running your profitable business. This is an “On Demand” style of coaching that consists of unlimited, 25-minute fast action coaching sessions, and the most popular and widely used - unlimited text and voice memo support.   

Sessions are designed to tackle ONE thing during the call to keep you moving. 

So---how does this work?

We will have an initial 60 minute kick off call where you will brain dump everything on me. Update me on exactly where your are at with your business so we can put a plan in place for your growth.

After that - when you need me, you just reach out!  It's as simple as that. 

You will receive a booking link to book your coaching sessions whenever you need them.  On the booking form you will give some small details as to what topic you would like to discuss during our call. 

You can book as many sessions as you need and as often as you need, with the only exception being that you can only have one booking on the calendar at a time. 

Calls will be VERY focused, fast-paced and will dive right into the topic at hand. 

What’s included?

  • 60 Minute Strategy Session to understand where you are at in your business and what your goals and destinations are.  
  • Unlimited rapid fire coaching sessions (during business hours and scheduled)
  • Unlimited WhatsApp support in between sessions (during business hours) 

What is the commitment?

  • 6-month contract commitment 
  • Commitment to complete the action items BEFORE scheduling your next call 

What’s the investment?

  • Paid in Full - $3750 
  • Two Payments of $1900
  • Monthly - $650 per month

How do we get started?

Apply and schedule a call with Michelle  

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • How often can I book a session? Is it really unlimited?
    • The sessions are unlimited however you are responsible for booking them and you can only have one on the calendar at a time.  
  • Do I have access to you in between sessions?
    • You will have limited access to me via Whatsapp during business hours.  If I feel as though the question is better suited in a session, we will book a session. 
  • What topics can we cover?
    • There really isn’t anything we CAN’T talk about as long as it is within my zone of genius.  Anything that comes up along your journey of entrepreneurship that you have a question about or struggling with.  I do not cover topics such as paid advertising, taxes, legal etc. 
  • What’s the catch?
    • No catch at all.  I created this program because I see a need in the industry for solopreneurs and freelancers to have someone that knows them and their business and can be of guidance and strategic support but they don’t need a high-ticket, formal program. 
  • Who is this best suited for?
    • This program is best suited for those who are at least one year into their business, have a fairly stable revenue stream and business model, and are in a stage of growth.  
  • Who is this NOT suited for?
    • This program is not a good fit for those that are just starting out, do not have a solidified offer suite and without a consistent revenue stream.  

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